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Welcome to our roundup of the top Benchmade Tactical Pens currently available in the market! In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at these versatile writing instruments, exploring their unique features, and helping you make an informed decision on which one to add to your collection. Get ready to discover the perfect blend of style, functionality, and durability in these sleek tactical pens.

The Top 20 Best Benchmade Tactical Pen

  1. Sleek Boker Quest Commando Pen Knife with Compass and Match Storage — The Boker USA Plus Quest Commando Tactical Pen Knife is a lightweight yet sturdy outdoor companion, featuring compatibility with Lamy M-22 refills, a practical hollow handle with a compass, and versatile storage options for matches and equipment.
  2. Vlad Rescue Pen: Twist Open Retractable Pen & Carbide Tip Glass Breaker — The 5.11 Tactical Vlad Rescue Pen is a versatile tool that transforms an everyday pen into an emergency glass breaker, making it a reliable must-have for outdoors enthusiasts.
  3. Remington Sportsman Tactical Pen with Multi-Tool — The Remington Cutlery Sportsman Survival Pen is a versatile and reliable tool, featuring a mini flashlight, glass breaker, bottle opener, mini cutting blade, flathead screwdriver, and a 6mm wrench all in one sleek, gun-metal grey design.
  4. Durable Defense Pen for Discreet Convenience — The CRKT Williams Defense Pen is a stylish and durable writing instrument with a hidden self-defense feature, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal for the discerning user.
  5. Precision-Engineered Benchmade Longhand Bolt Action Pen — Innovative and sleek, the Benchmade Longhand Bolt Action Pen offers precision machining, security, and comfort in one stylish and functional writing instrument.
  6. 5.11 Tactical Kubaton Pen: Strong and Stylish Multi-Function Tool — The 5.11 Tactical Kubaton Tactical Pen combines style and functionality, offering both smooth handling and a durable, textured finish — making it a must-have tool for any professional on the go.
  7. Rothco Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker and Handcuff Key — Rothco Tactical Pen — Durable, Refillable, and Versatile: The Ultimate Ink and Tool for Law Enforcement and Everyday Use.
  8. Stylish and Tactical: CRKT Williams Defense Pen — The CRKT Williams Defense Pen Green combines style and functionality, serving as a versatile writing instrument perfect for everyday use, while also offering a powerful self-defense feature for those who need it.
  9. Discreet, Versatile, and Lightweight CRKT Defence Pen — The CRKT Williams Defense Pen is a tactical pen that blends style and convenience with its low-profile design and ink cartridge developed for extreme conditions, providing a practical yet discreet addition to any daily carry.
  10. Lucid CRKT 6061 Aluminum Tactical Pen — The Lucid Optics Tac Pen, a sleek and robust aluminum pen, delivers precision writing with a potent self-defense mechanism, offering both functionality and protection when you need it most.
  11. Premium 2B Bolt Action Pen for Stylish Writing Experience — Unleash your creativity with the Bastion Bolt Action Pen, a sleek and solid conversation starter boasting a unique bolt-action open/close mechanism and indestructible ink cartridge.
  12. Luxurious 6061-T6 Aluminum Bolt Action Pen Collection — Experience luxurious writing with the Bastion Executive Bolt Action Pen, crafted from premium 6061-T6 Grade Aluminum and available in 4 vibrant colors, perfect for every style and occasion.
  13. Luxury Steel Bolt Action Pen with Lifetime Guarantee — Unleash your creative genius with the Bastion Bolt Action Pen, featuring a luxurious carbon fiber and stainless steel design, and enjoy the benefits of three free high-value bonus items.
  14. Titanium Bolt Action EDC Pen for Daily Use — Experience the ultimate lightweight and reliable pen with an elegant tungsten tip, ideal for securing precise lines, perfect for daily tasks and easy maintenance with the Valtcan Impel Titanium Bolt Pen EDC Writer.
  15. Stylish and Durable Benchmade Axis Flipper Pen — Revive penmanship with the sleek and durable Benchmade 1121 Shorthand Stainless Steel Pen, boasting a comfortable grip, detailed machining, and long-lasting ink refill.
  16. Precision-Machined Aerospace Aluminum Tactical Pen — Experience the perfect blend of precision, durability, and performance with the SureFire Writing Pen — Black, a meticulously designed tactical tool for both everyday use and emergency situations.
  17. Durable Schrade Tactical Pen for Any Situation — The Schrade Tactical Pen UZI #6 — Black Edition is a robust and versatile writing tool, favored by military forces and designed to be compatible with standard and Fisher Space Pen refills.
  18. Sleek Titanium Bolt Action Pen with 2 Refills & Gift Case — Experience ultimate versatility and durability with the BEVOSIDE Ti-64 Titanium Bolt Action Pen, perfect for everyday use, travel, or giving as a gift, boasting a sleek design, easy-to-use bolt action mechanism, and compatibility with Parker refills.
  19. High-Quality Axis Flipper Pen by Benchmade — Experience ultimate comfort and precision in your writing with the Benchmade Shorthand 1121 Pen, featuring a sturdy AXIS bolt action and sleek 303 stainless steel body.
  20. Premium Titanium Bolt Action Pen with Black Ink Cartridge and Bonus Gift — Experience the unparalleled luxury and resilience of the Titanium Bolt Action Pen by Bastion, featuring a retractable bolt action closure, black fine tip, and included incentives — perfect for elevating your writing experience.

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🔗Sleek Boker Quest Commando Pen Knife with Compass and Match Storage


The Boker USA Plus Quest Commando Pen, designed by the duo Kevin Passon and David Cyr, is a versatile tool you’ll want to have for your outdoor adventures. It truly stands out from the crowd with its lightweight yet sturdy aluminum construction. This pen is more than just a writing utensil; it’s a multipurpose companion.

What sets this pen apart is its compatibility with Lamy M-22 refills, making it refillable and environmentally friendly. With this pen, you’ll never have to worry about carrying a spare. Plus, it comes equipped with a small compass on the end of the handle, perfect for navigating in an emergency situation when GPS might not be an option.

However, the pen is not without its drawbacks. The ripping hole for the paper may not be the most user-friendly feature, and it could use some improvement for a smoother writing experience. Despite these minor flaws, the Boker USA Plus Quest Commando Pen remains a reliable and useful tool to have in your survival kit.

🔗Vlad Rescue Pen: Twist Open Retractable Pen & Carbide Tip Glass Breaker


The Vlad Rescue Pen has been a game-changer in my daily life. As both an essential writing tool and an emergency rescue device, it’s versatile and reliable. The twist-open retractable pen guarantees smooth and clean ink flow, while the carbide-tip window breaker allows me to break tempered automotive glass in an instant. The full surface gimping promotes a stable grip, and the lightweight yet sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum body is a plus. The included medium black ink cartridge and pocket clip further enhance the convenience of this pen.

While I love the overall quality and functionality of the Vlad Rescue Pen, there are a few cons to consider. The sharpness of the glass breaker can pose a risk, so proper handling is crucial. Additionally, the pen refill can be challenging to find, which may require a bit of research. Overall, I highly recommend this pen for those looking for a convenient and multifunctional writing tool with added security features.

🔗Remington Sportsman Tactical Pen with Multi-Tool


I’ve recently started carrying the Remington Cutlery Sportsman Survival Pen on my keychain. This pen has become an essential tool in my daily life, especially when I’m outdoors or in emergency situations. One of the best features is its sleek design, which makes it easy to carry everywhere I go.

The pen itself is durable and sturdy, yet lightweight, which keeps it from being a hassle to carry. It’s been a lifesaver on multiple occasions, from opening bottles to breaking glass in case of emergencies. I’ve even had to use the mini cutting blade to cut some rope once.

The combination of the pen, mini flashlight, glass breaker, bottle opener, mini cutting blade, flathead screwdriver, and 6mm wrench in one compact device is truly impressive. It’s a multifunctional tool that I can always rely on when I’m on the go.

My only suggestion for improvement would be to make the pen refillable, so I can replace the ink when it runs out, rather than having to purchase a new pen. Despite this minor issue, the Remington Cutlery Sportsman Survival Pen has proven to be a convenient and reliable companion.

🔗Durable Defense Pen for Discreet Convenience


The CRKT Williams Defense Pen, in its OD Green anodized finish, has been a lifesaver in my daily routine. The low profile design lets me blend in effortlessly, while the strong and lightweight aluminum handle provides a level of durability that’s unmatched. The pocket clip on the cap is a bit flimsy, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Overall, it’s a stylish and practical pen that can be your trusted sidekick in times of need.

🔗Precision-Engineered Benchmade Longhand Bolt Action Pen


The Benchmade Longhand Bolt Action Pen, a sophisticated writing tool, truly revolutionizes my daily tasks. Its milled grooves and knurling on the aluminum body provide a secure grip, making it comfortable and stylish to hold. I was thrilled to find the AXIS style bolt action for easy access to the blue ink cartridge.

It keeps the cartridge tucked away safely, preventing any accidental leaks. With its deep carry clip, this pen effortlessly blends into my daily routine without drawing unnecessary attention.

🔗5.11 Tactical Kubaton Pen: Strong and Stylish Multi-Function Tool


5.11 Tactical Kubaton Tactical Pen has a strong presence in hand, with its pummel-grip textured anodized aluminum body. Smoothly twisting to open, its functionality is as sturdy as it is stylish.

It’s not only practical for writing tasks but can also be a reliable self-defense tool — a real workhorse for both the office and the field. Although the pocket clip could use some improvement, the Kubaton Tactical Pen stands the test of time for productivity on the go.

🔗Rothco Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker and Handcuff Key


In my quest for a reliable tactical pen, the Rothco 5478 Tactical Pen has proven to be an impressive choice. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, it’s both lightweight and exceptionally durable — the perfect combination for a no-nonsense writing tool. One of the standout features is its glass breaker tip, which adds an extra level of versatility and resourcefulness.

While using the pen, I particularly enjoyed the hidden handcuff key under the twist-off top. It’s a smart design that not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides practicality for professionals. And speaking of practicality, the refillable feature ensures that the Rothco Tactical Pen never runs out of ink, ensuring you’re always ready to jot down notes on the go.

Despite its undoubtedly useful features, the pen’s size can be a bit of a drawback. At 6 inches, it may not be the most convenient option for everyday carry. However, its robust construction and various uses make it a worthy addition to any tactical enthusiast’s arsenal. Overall, the Rothco Tactical Pen has lived up to my expectations and has become a go-to tool in my everyday life.

🔗Stylish and Tactical: CRKT Williams Defense Pen


One day, I was caught off guard while backpacking, needing to sign a document. That’s when I realized the importance of carrying a versatile pen. So, I decided to give the CRKT Williams Defense Pen a try. It not only looked sleek and stylish, but it was also a practical tool for defense in tough situations.

The overall length of the pen is only 6 inches, making it compact and easy to carry around. However, when I needed it, it provided excellent writing performance. The ink flowed smoothly, and I was happy with the crisp lines that the pen produced.

The highlight feature that stood out to me was the pen’s hidden surprise. Although it may appear as a simple writing tool to others, I had the satisfaction of knowing that it was much more than that. It served as a reassuring reminder that I had a reliable self-defense tool at my disposal.

While the CRKT Williams Defense Pen may not be a traditional self-defense gadget, it has proven to be a valuable addition to my backpack. Its compact size, stylish design, and practical writing capabilities make it an essential item for any outdoor enthusiast.

🔗Discreet, Versatile, and Lightweight CRKT Defence Pen


The CRKT Defence Pen wasn’t just any ordinary writing instrument. It served dual functions — a simple, stylish pen on the surface, and a strong, practical tool hidden underneath. The streamlined design allowed it to blend seamlessly with the other stuff in my backpack. Although I wasn’t the one to use it for defensive purposes, the rugged build had me confident that it could do so without a hitch.

The pen was surprisingly light despite having a sturdy handle made of Grivory. It didn’t weigh down my bag, a significant bonus. Moreover, the ink cartridge was developed to write even in the harshest of environmental conditions, which was handy when I accidentally left it outside in the rain.

The pen was designed by James Williams in North Carolina, a testament to its American craftsmanship. However, the size did make it a bit fiddly to handle sometimes, and I had a momentary thought of how it might have been better as a larger pen.

In summary, the CRKT Defence Pen is a convenient, stylish, and strong tool for everyday use, even if you’re not planning to use it for its self-defence purpose. It’s discreetly functional and perfect for those who prefer a tactical touch to their office gear.

🔗Lucid CRKT 6061 Aluminum Tactical Pen


I recently started using the Lucid Tactical Pen, a hard anodized, 6061 aluminum pen that can be a savior in self-defense situations. The pen is surprisingly comfortable to hold, with an aggressive piercing point that ensures a solid, swift strike.

The black ink is smooth and efficient, making it easy to keep track of important notes. Although the pen doesn’t offer any frills or fancy designs, it’s a no-nonsense tool that will serve me well in a pinch.

🔗Premium 2B Bolt Action Pen for Stylish Writing Experience


The Bastion Bolt Action Pen left quite an impression on me from the very beginning. First things first, the solid stainless steel build is undeniable — it feels reassuringly heavy in hand, which adds to the overall experience.

The bolt action mechanism is perhaps the most interesting aspect here. It has a certain charm to it; the sensation of smoothly deploying the pen is oddly satisfying. This feature, though unique, does take some getting used to, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s hard to go back to traditional pens.

Unfortunately, there’s a minor drawback; the tip can be a bit difficult to replace due to its seemingly seamless construction. This makes refilling a tad more challenging than it needs to be. But overall, this pen has become an indispensable part of my everyday carry. Its combination of style, sturdiness, and functionality makes it a standout among other writing instruments.

🔗Luxurious 6061-T6 Aluminum Bolt Action Pen Collection


The Bastion Bolt Action Pen, now available in sleek 6061-T6 grade Aluminum, is a must-have for any writing enthusiast. Its lightweight yet sturdy build is perfect for daily use, with a retractable bolt action mechanism that adds a touch of luxury to the writing experience. The pen not only looks good, but also writes smoothly on a variety of surfaces.

Available in four eye-catching colors, including the classic black, you can either blend in or stand out with your writing tool of choice. At a reasonable price point, this 5.11 Kubaton Tactical Pen truly delivers on quality and performance, making it a top pick for anyone seeking a reliable writing instrument.

🔗Luxury Steel Bolt Action Pen with Lifetime Guarantee


I recently got my hands on the Bastion Bolt Action Pen, and I must say, it’s quite a remarkable piece. The pen has a solid construction, with its body made of stainless steel that gives it a sleek and seamless appearance. Its unique bolt-action mechanism provides an elegant and secure lock, making it both beautiful and functional.

Using this pen has been quite a pleasure. The Parker Style fine tip black ink cartridge emulates the Quinkflow fine tip style, allowing me to write smoothly and consistently. The pen’s heft also adds to its charm, making it feel substantial in my hand.

However, there’s one drawback that I’ve noticed. The refill that came with the pen had very dull ink, which I had to replace with a Parker refill to get the best results. Despite this, the pen is still an excellent addition to my everyday carry, and its unique design has garnered plenty of compliments.

Overall, the Bastion Bolt Action Pen is a stylish and functional pen that I’ve grown quite fond of. It’s perfect for those who appreciate high-quality writing instruments and are looking for a conversation starter.

🔗Titanium Bolt Action EDC Pen for Daily Use


As a writer, I’m always in search of a reliable pen, and I’ve found the perfect one in the Valtcan Impel Titanium Bolt Pen. This sleek, titanium pen is not only stylish but also incredibly functional.

One notable feature that stood out to me is the pen’s built-in tungsten steel point tip and finger grooves, which allowed for precise writing. The lightweight and portable design made it an ideal option for carrying around in my pocket or clipping onto my notebook. The bolt action mechanism provides a satisfying click and the security I needed.

However, I did find that the click-off cap took a bit of getting used to, and occasionally the mechanism needed a little extra push to unlock it. But overall, the Valtcan Impel Titanium Bolt Pen lived up to its promise as a reliable and beautiful writing tool. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a dependable pen that stands out from the rest.

🔗Stylish and Durable Benchmade Axis Flipper Pen


I’ve been using the Benchmade 1121 Shorthand Pen for a while now, and it’s been a treat. The brushed 303 stainless steel gives it a premium look and feel, while the AXIS bolt action mechanism adds a touch of sophistication.

The ergonomic knurling pattern ensures a comfortable grip, even during long writing sessions. It’s a perfect fit for my daily carry needs.

Speaking of which, the pen is compact enough to fit in any pocket without causing much bulk. The black Fisher Ink cartridge ensures smooth writing for weeks, and the lanyard hole adds a practical touch. However, one could argue that it’s slightly pricey compared to other pens in its category.

Overall, it’s a high-quality pen perfect for those who appreciate finesse and style in their writing instruments.

🔗Precision-Machined Aerospace Aluminum Tactical Pen


When it comes to choosing a pen that can stand the test of time, both on and off the page, the Surefire Writing Pen is your go-to choice. The sleek and sturdy construction is a testament to the aerospace-grade aluminum body, which is Mil-Spec hard-anodized to give it an unmatched finish in black. I found the pen’s balance to be pleasing, even with its hefty build, resulting in a comfortable hold and effortless writing experience with the imported Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 ballpoint pen cartridge.

While the Surefire Pen IV is durable enough for both everyday use and tactical situations, it does have a few shortcomings worth mentioning. Occasionally, the click mechanism can be a bit stubborn, resulting in a slightly awkward extension of the pen. The integrated ambidextrous switching, though a useful feature, can be challenging to adjust to for users who prefer a consistent grip. For those who are looking for an all-around top-quality writing instrument that can withstand various scenarios, the Surefire Pen IV is a reliable choice, despite its quirks.

🔗Durable Schrade Tactical Pen for Any Situation


I recently added the UZI Tactical Glassbreaker Black #6 Pen to my daily toolkit, and I must say, it’s been quite an interesting experience. First off, I love the sleek black finish. It’s just the right amount of tactical, without being too overt. I’m also quite impressed by how lightweight it feels, thanks to its aircraft aluminum construction. But what really sets this pen apart, and is arguably its most unique feature, is the built-in glassbreaker and cuff key. It’s nice to know I’ve got a handy tool in case of emergencies without bulking up my everyday carry.

However, there are a couple of downsides to this pen. The most glaring issue is its compatibility with refills. It’s supposed to be compatible with standard and Fisher Space Pen refills, but I found it to be somewhat finicky. And while the pocket clip is a nice feature, it’s not the strongest I’ve seen. But overall, when you consider the pen’s unique blend of style, versatility, and practicality, it’s hard not to appreciate it as a solid everyday carry option.

🔗Sleek Titanium Bolt Action Pen with 2 Refills & Gift Case


I recently started using the BEVOSIDE Titanium Bolt Action Pen and it has been a game-changer for my everyday writing needs. The sleek and compact design made it perfect to carry with me wherever I went, be it work or travel. The titanium alloy material gave it a sturdy feel while still being lightweight and corrosion-resistant. I especially loved the gold bolt action mechanism, adding a touch of elegance to the pen’s aesthetic.

The versatility of this pen made it an essential addition to my everyday carry collection. It was great for signing documents, jotting down notes, and even journaling. Coming with 2 ink refills and being compatible with Parker refills, I never had to worry about running out of ink when I needed it the most. The easy-to-use bolt action mechanism made accessing the pen tip quick and smooth, ensuring a convenient and reliable writing experience.

One of the highlights of the BEVOSIDE pen was its gift-worthy package, making it a perfect present for any occasion, such as graduation or holidays. If you’re in the market for a refillable and practical pen that combines functionality and style, then the BEVOSIDE Titanium Bolt Action Pen is a fantastic choice.

🔗High-Quality Axis Flipper Pen by Benchmade


The Benchmade 1121–1 Shorthand Pen was like having a trusty co-writer next to me. With its AXIS bolt action and sturdy 303 stainless steel body, writing became smoother and more pleasant. The pen’s elegant CNC-machined design offered a secure grip and superior comfort, fitting snugly in my hand. Although it comes in two color and size variants, I stuck with the classic black for a timeless touch.

The pen’s specifications were well thought out, with a diameter of 0.45 inches (11.53mm) and a length of 3.49 inches (8.86cm). But what really stood out for me was the weight — at 1.30oz, it was neither too heavy nor too light, making it perfect for everyday use. Its 6061-T6 aluminum handle provided a strong yet lightweight foundation.

While I loved writing with this pen, I couldn’t help but notice a slight drawback. The ink flow could be a bit tricky at times, requiring a slight shake or two before starting to write. However, once I got the hang of it, I found that the ink flowed smoothly and consistently.

In conclusion, the Benchmade 1121–1 Shorthand Pen was a reliable and comfortable writing companion that added a touch of elegance to my daily tasks. With its AXIS bolt action, precise design, and sturdy build, it made writing a pleasant activity. Just remember to give it a little shake before you start writing!

🔗Premium Titanium Bolt Action Pen with Black Ink Cartridge and Bonus Gift


Embracing extraordinary is the goal when it comes to the Titanium Bolt Action Pen by Bastion. The premium craftsmanship and remarkable material of this pen make it a statement piece that truly reflects your discerning taste.

It’s not just a pen, it’s an experience. The retractable bolt-action closure adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your writing experience, making it more than just a writing tool.

The Titanium alloy gives the pen a sense of strength and durability, ensuring it withstands the wear and tear of daily use. The fine-tip creates smooth, crisp lines with its black ink, making it perfect for signing documents or adding a personal touch to your notes. While its substantial weight may be a little challenging for some, it’s a small price to pay for the luxury and performance this pen offers.

In short, the Titanium Bolt Action Pen isn’t just a pen, it’s a lifestyle choice for those who appreciate the extraordinary.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for benchmade tactical pens! In this section, we’ll discuss the essential features, considerations, and general advice to help you make the best purchase decision. Remember that we won’t be listing specific product picks or external resources in this guide.


Important Features

When considering a benchmade tactical pen, take note of the following features to ensure you get the most suitable one for your needs:

  1. Comfort and grip: Look for a pen with an ergonomic design and a comfortable grip, allowing you to write for extended periods without hand fatigue. 2. Durability: A benchmade pen should be well-built and have a long-lasting construction, preferably with materials like stainless steel or aluminum for added strength. 3. Writing performance: Check the pen’s ink flow and refill system to ensure a smooth and reliable writing experience. Good options include ballpoint, gel, or rollerball pens. 4. Versatility: Some tactical pens come with additional features, such as a stylus tip, a pen light, or a multi-tool, making them more versatile for various tasks.


Aside from the features, there are several factors to consider when buying a benchmade tactical pen:

  1. Purpose: Determine how you’ll mostly use the pen — for everyday writing, note-taking, or a self-defense tool — to help you narrow down your options. 2. Price range: Benchmade pens come in various price points, so consider your budget and weigh the importance of specific features when making your decision. 3. Portability: Tactical pens should be easy to carry, so ensure the pen you choose has a compact design and is lightweight.

General Advice

Here’s some general advice for purchasing a benchmade tactical pen:

  1. Read reviews: Check online reviews from other buyers to get an insight into the pen’s performance and potential issues. 2. Ask for recommendations: Talk to friends, colleagues, or experts who have experience with benchmade pens and get their opinions. 3. Consider the warranty: A good warranty can provide peace of mind and ensure your satisfaction with the product. 4. Try before you buy: If possible, visit a store to handle the pen and test its features before making a purchase.

We hope this buyer’s guide helps you make an informed decision when selecting a benchmade tactical pen. By considering the essential features, factors, and general advice, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the perfect pen for your needs. Happy shopping! Remember, no specific product picks or external resources are mentioned in this guide.



What makes Benchmade Tactical Pen unique?

Benchmade Tactical Pen stands out for its durability, ease of use, and versatility. Made of high-strength aerospace aluminum, it is built to withstand rigorous use and is resistant to corrosion. The pen features a machined grip for a secure hold and a unique pocket clip for easy accessibility. It can also function as a self-defense tool, thanks to its tough body and pointed tip.

Another unique feature is the pen’s refillable design. It accepts standard ballpoint pen refills, providing the user with limitless writing possibilities. The pen’s sleek and minimalist design makes it a practical choice for everyday carry while the tactical aspect offers peace of mind in case of emergencies.

What is the Benchmade Tactical Pen’s build quality?

The Benchmade Tactical Pen boasts superior build quality. It is made of high-strength aerospace aluminum, a material known for its durability, lightweight, and resistance to corrosion. The pen’s body has a matte finish that not only looks great but also adds grip, ensuring a secure hold when writing or using it as a self-defense tool.

The pen’s design also has a machined grip on it, which provides a tactile feel and further enhances the pen’s ease of use. The pocket clip is another feature that highlights the build quality, designed to securely attach the pen to clothing, backpacks, or belts for easy access whenever needed. Overall, the Benchmade Tactical Pen exudes quality and precision in every aspect of its design and build.


Can I use the Benchmade Tactical Pen as a self-defense tool?

Yes, the Benchmade Tactical Pen can certainly function as a self-defense tool. It is designed with durability and a pointed tip in mind, making it a suitable choice for self-defense purposes. However, it is essential to note that using a pen or any other object as a weapon should only be done in self-defense situations to protect oneself from a physical threat.

It is also important to remember that the Benchmade Tactical Pen is a writing instrument first and foremost. Its design and construction aim to provide a high-quality writing experience while offering the added benefit of a self-defense tool. It is crucial to use the pen responsibly and only in situations where self-defense is necessary.

How does the Benchmade Tactical Pen’s refill system work?

The Benchmade Tactical Pen’s refill system is designed for convenience and ease of use. The pen accepts standard ballpoint pen refills, which can be easily found at most stationery and office supply stores. To replace a refill, simply twist the pen’s body in an anti-clockwise direction to unscrew the cap and reveal the refill chamber. Remove the old refill and insert a new one, then twist the body back in a clockwise direction to secure the new refill in place.

This refill system allows the user to have an unlimited supply of ink, ensuring the pen is always ready for use. It also means the user can choose different ink colors and types, depending on their writing preferences or needs. The refill system also adds to the pen’s versatility, making it an even more practical and useful everyday carry item.


What are the dimensions of the Benchmade Tactical Pen?

The Benchmade Tactical Pen has a total length of 5.6 inches (14.2 cm), making it a convenient size for everyday carry. The pen’s body has a diameter of 0.35 inches (8.9 mm) at its widest point, ensuring a comfortable grip. The pen’s weight is approximately 0.4 ounces (11 grams), making it lightweight and easy to carry around without any discomfort.

The dimensions of the pen allow it to fit comfortably in pockets, bags, and other accessories, providing easy access whenever needed. The compact size also means it doesn’t take up much space, making it an ideal choice for those who want a functional pen without any added bulk. Overall, the Benchmade Tactical Pen’s dimensions make it a practical and convenient choice for various situations.

Is the Benchmade Tactical Pen waterproof?

Yes, the Benchmade Tactical Pen is designed to be waterproof. The pen’s build quality, which includes a high-strength aerospace aluminum body and machined grip, contributes to its resistance to water damage. The pen’s pocket clip also adds to this durability, as it is designed to withstand the effects of water without rusting or corroding.

However, it is crucial to note that while the pen is water-resistant, it is not submersible. Prolonged exposure to water, especially when submerged, can cause damage to the pen’s internal components and should be avoided. The waterproof feature of the Benchmade Tactical Pen is there to ensure that occasional exposure to water, such as when it rains or when washing hands, does not affect the pen’s performance or longevity.

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